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Background Information

“Our community will provide opportunities for youth and families to be healthy and resilient contributors to society”. -Source For Siouxland Vision

Source For Siouxland, formerly Comprehensive Strategy, embarked on a rigorous assessment and strategic planning process in 2018 that resulted in an expanded scope of data collection and analysis that drives focused collective impact initiatives working to directly and measurably impact the community.

To learn more about the history of Source For Siouxland, please click here!

What We Do. Community planning is centered on achieving four key strategic outcome goals:

  • Creation. Creation of a resource center to serve as a clearinghouse and headquarters for all community planning initiatives in Siouxland.
  • Alignment. Alignment of current efforts, plans, and funding by organizations, individuals, and businesses to support the overall vision.
  • Utilization. Utilization of community data to make informed, data-driven decisions and improve community outcomes.
  • Implementation. Implementation of actionable strategies to collaboratively address community vision.

How We Do It. Strategies to achieve the community outcome goals are to:

  • Continually collect, organize, and make available all relevant national, state, and community data.  Identify data voids and work to fill these voids.
  • Continually update resources available in the community that address specified focus areas.  Ensure this data is available to community members, businesses, and non-profits to avoid duplication and/or starting unnecessary new programs.
  • Inventory all existing community planning initiatives and assist in coordinating overlapping efforts.
  • Utilize data for strategic community planning and work groups to address needs.

For a visual look at how community planning results in improved data outcomes, please click here!

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