The results of the Engaging Newcomers Survey are now available here: 2022 Newcomer Survey Results PDF

The available data comes from 379 surveys conducted in 11 languages by 8 different interviewers. The purpose of this survey was to engage our foreign-born neighbors in the process of identifying needs and developing solutions. Growing Community Connections and their partners will use this data to:

  1. Align existing programs with identified needs.
  2. Continue to engage multilingual interviewers and community members in both needs assessments and identifying solutions.

Special thanks:

  • Sherwood Foundation for supporting this project.
  • Erica DeLeon for her expertise and support, which were essential in developing and administering this survey.
  • Tonya Bauman for her technical and coordination expertise.
  • Source For Siouxland for data highlights and analysis.
  • The eight wonderful interviewers who engaged members of our community in this data-seeking project.